123 Chemical Brainwashing To Suppress or Destroy Memories

CIA Secrets: Brainwashing Drugs That Can Destroy, Suppress, or Alter Memory

Chemical Brainwashing To Suppress or Destroy Memories

This analysis will examine how memory works in lower animals and in humans. Then it will use this groundwork to explain how brainwashing drugs have successfully been developed that affect memory for covert purposes.

Tests on rats have led scientists to conclude that one of the main components of memory is a type of RNA molecules found in brain cells. Rats which learned new mazes more often than other rats had more of this type of RNA in their brain. To advance their theory that RNA is important in memory functions in any organism as well as prove that memory can be destroyed, scientists conducted experiments on planaria, small organisms found in streams. The simple structure of the planaria allowed scientists to isolate the importance of the RNA molecule more readily as well as find out what caused a memory to be lost. Scientists constructed a specialized tank that allowed the planaria to swim back and forth between its two ends by swimming up or down either of two tubes. The scientists then generated low voltage electrical current into the water which would shock the planaria when they chose to swim in one of the two tubes. The result was that the planeria started “remembering” which tube would shock them and would no longer use it. To find out if a memory can be destroyed, the scientists then fed the planaria bits of food containing a higher than normal amount of enzyme normally found in their brain cells and in the brain cells of higher organisms. The planaria after ingesting the enzyme, began using both tubes again “forgetting” that one tube would give them electrical shocks. The enzyme effectively erased the memory.

Human beings, unlike less complex species such as the planaria, have two types of memory function: active and long-term. Active utilizes the RNA molecules and is in a different form than long-term. Long-term is more electrical in nature and no longer has the RNA molecule as part of its chemical make-up. Both memory functions take place in different parts of the brain. Active memory consists of thoughts formed by learning and by thoughts “called-up” and reformed from long-term that are needed again. It takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes for a memory in active to be processed into a long-term memory.

The following three drugs discussed here only affect active memory. The first two drugs prevent a memory from being processed into a long term memory. 

The first of three drugs spy agencies use is a drug that destroys any new memories that are in active memory which includes any new memory ten to fifteen minutes prior to its application that are still in active. The memories did not make it into long-term. The drug prevents a person from ever remembering who drugged them.  It is usually used in conjunction with a second drug that suppresses memories. 

The next type of brainwashing drugs spy agencies use is a drug that is used secondly and suppresses memories that are in active memory. It is used so an agent can question a person about information they know without them remembering it was discussed.  It is also used if an agent wants to suppress a targets memory when a specific event happens or when certain information is given. It prevents memories from ever making it into long-term memory unless the drug wears off or an antidote is given. Once a memory is processed into a long term memory by the brain, it cannot then be suppressed by the brainwashing drugs. Periodically, during the brainwashing process, a person will lose consciousness and the process of brainwashing is started again. The drugs can also be used to program a person into later “remembering” false facts or give someone an idea. The person thinks the information or idea occured as the result of their own natural thought process when the suppression drug wears off or an antidote is given. Supporting facts or ideas are given with the phony information to increase the likelihood the inserted thoughts are believed. If the drug wears off then the person is allowed to remember and the memory can then be processed into a long term memory. 

The antidote is the third type of drug used to manipulate memory. It is used on a subject to release memories that were suppressed by the second drug discussed.  Usually after the antidote is given to find out what a person knows, the suppression drug is given again so they do not remember being questioned.

Memory reoccurs from earliest suppressed memory to newest. The intelligence agent has the ability to control what is remembered and what stays suppressed by carefully documenting conversation and events as well as monitoring drug administration. How long a memory stays suppressed is determined by how long the brainwashing drug affects the mind or if the antedote is administered. Government agents know long the drugs will keep memories suppressed. 

To ensure the suppression drug does not wear off at an inopportune time, at a convenient opportunity the antidote is given and then the suppression drug again allowing a longer duration of suppression.

Subjects brainwashed with these three drugs NEVER have any knowledge of when they were drugged unless from the content of the memories themselves. They also never notice loss in time after they are used. They simply go on with their lives as if nothing happened.

The drugs could be used to put illicit drugs into someone’s system or for some other crime. For instance, it would be the simplest thing possible, to take someone somewhere to radiate their brain and give them a brain tumor. I would be taken places, then I would go home and go to sleep, and when I would wake up, I wouldn't remember anything unusual happening to me.  Whenever I would be drugged by the Russian, Israeli, Iranian, or Saudi government, illicit drugs would be put into my system to cover the use of the brainwashing drugs.

When a spy agency has been made aware that a target has been brainwashed, they administer the antidote and question the subject very carefully since because of the mind’s imaginative capabilities the person will remember both true facts and false facts and not know the difference. However, false memories never have a realistic visual portion of the memory and usually always fade away. One problem that can occur while a person is being brainwashed, is that the mind can create a false memory that seems very real. Only by careful thought can the person know the memory didn't occur.

People need to be aware that these drugs can be used on you very unexpectedly. An FBI or CIA agent or an agent from another spy agency will seem to have a legitimate reason to talk to you but instead they render you unconscious. Then you end up being brainwashed and totally under their control.  Because of the first drug that is used on you, it will make you forget anything 10 to 15 minutes prior to its application so even if you remember some of the things that happened to you later because of the second drug, you will never remember who it was that drugged you. The drugs are used on you with agents not only to make you forget afterwards but also to allow you to remember what you have been brainwashed about previously which the meeting is usually all about. 

These drugs can destroy someone’s reputation because they can be used to take nude pictures of you without you even remembering that you were photographed. Some agents like to use the drugs to get all the sex they want because the woman is totally under their control and won't remember anything for quite some time, if ever,  afterwards. I live with great anxiety that nude pictures have been taken of me. 

I have always wondered if brainwashing drugs could be used with the threat of an injection of sulfur to make someone tell an agent what they want to know. However, the pain of the sulfur might shock one out of the brainwashing or the brainwashing drugs might no longer be able to work because the sulfur would interfere. I wonder if brainwashing drugs could be used to get someone addicted to heroin. But like with the sulfur, the injection of heroin could interfere with the brainwashing drugs doing their job. However, one thing that could be accomplished with the brainwashing drugs is that you could end up somewhere not knowing how you got there or who got you there and then end up being held captive and made into a heroin addict. 

The CIA had other drugs developed that are now used by them and other spy agencies and by people with bad intentions. One drug that is used literally forces you to say what you remember after being asked a question even though you try real hard not to say it. It can be used while being drugged with drugs that can either suppress or destroy memory. You try real hard not to say it but the more you try, the more impossible it is not to. You just spit it out. Then you can get brainwashed and don't know you ever gave something away to an interrorgator. But it doesn't seem to work real well for information that is lengthy and detailed.  Totalitarian governments later can use torture to get more information. Another drug that is used can make someone respond automatically to simple commands such as “sit” or “walk”. Periodically, a person will get out of the trance they are in which causes them to do this but it isn't too difficult for the intelligence operative to get their target back into it. 

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